Episode 11- The Opioid & Prescription Drug Epidemic with Dr. Roe Rodgers-Bonaccorsy and Seante Hunt

Many opioid and prescription drug overdoses have become an epidemic.  Join us as we discuss the epidemic and what’s being done to prevent it.  Our special guests will be Dr. Roe Rodgers-Bonaccorsy, Bureau of Behavioral Health Bureau Director, Howard County Health Department and Seante Hunt, Opioid Misuse Prevention Coordinator, Bureau of Behavioral Health, Howard County Health Department.

Episode 10- What to Know about College before You Start with  Isa Carunungan, Amanda Raid, Malcolm Douge, and Jared Baldwin

Many of you are getting ready to go to college in the Fall.  There may be a lot of emotions-from the excitement about being away from home to the nervousness because you’re finally becoming an adult. But what if you knew what college was really like before you started and knew that others felt the same way?  Join us as we discuss what it’s like in college and get some insights from college freshman who were just in your shoes a year ago. Our special guests will be Isa Carunungan, Amanda Raid, Malcolm Dougé, and Jared Baldwin.


Episode 9- Get the Facts: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) with Dr. Maria Trent, Dr. Jocelyn Ronda, Andrea Raid and Oluwatosin Olateju

Did you know that about half of sexually active teens and young adults will get an STI before their 25th birthday – and many of them will have no idea? If you’re having any kind of sex, you should think about ways to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Join us as we discuss what teens need to know about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Our special guests will be Adolescent Medicine Specialists Dr. Maria Trent, MD, MPH and Dr. Jocelyn Ronda, MD and Andrea Raid, RN, Director of Clinical Services, Howard County Health Department and Oluwatosin Olateju, MS, BSN, RN, CHN Program Supervisor- Reproductive Health & HIV, Howard County Health Department.


Episode 8- Stress: How Much is Too Much & How to Deal With It with Dr. Jeff Bostic

School can result in a lot of pressure between the rigorous course work, sports, and after school activities.  Anxiety about upcoming tests and report cards, and even maintaining a social life,  is enough to keep anyone up at night.  With all the things that you do, stress and anxiety should be one less thing to worry about. Join us as we focus on stress and its impact on teen’s daily life.  We’ll discuss how stress effects teens, how much is too much and how to deal with it.  Our special guest will be Dr. Jeff Bostic, MD, Child Psychiatrist


Episode 7- Teens & Vaccines with Beth Amstad

Teens have a lot going on and are often together in close quarters, increasing their exposure to illness and putting them at risk for quite a few diseases.  Although, vaccines have received some bad press in recent years, they are important because they protect people from disease. Join us as we focus on the importance of vaccines in preventing disease and which vaccines are recommended for teens. Our special guest will be Beth Amstad RN, MS, Immunization Supervisor, Howard County Health Department.


Episode 6- Sleep: How Much do Teens Need? with Dr. Tyish Hall Brown

As teens, there are many factors working together to wreak havoc on your sleep schedules placing you at risk for chronic sleep deprivation and the health risks that come along with it. Join us as we focus on the importance of sleep to teen’s health. Our special guest will be Dr. Tyish Hall Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Co-Director, Program for Sleep and Trauma Research, Howard University College of Medicine.  

Episode 5- What’s Up with E-Cigarettes with Dr. Elizabeth Menachery

E-cigarettes have surpassed cigarettes as the most commonly used tobacco product among teens, but the health effects are just as bad! Join us as we focus on the health effects of smoking and discuss a new trend: e-cigarettes. Our special guest will be Dr. Elizabeth Menachery, Medical Director, Howard County Health Department. 


Episode 4- Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with Dr. Rajender Gattu

With more youth suffering traumatic brain injury (TBI) than ever before, teens should be aware of and watch for warning signs of concussions and other head injuries. Our special guest will be Dr. Rajender Gattu, Pediatric Emergency Medical Doctor.

Episode 3-Depression: What It Is & How to Fight It with Dr. Larry Wissow

Teenagers face a host of pressures that may cause them to feel intense sadness or hopelessness. Join us as we focus on the growing issues of depression in teens. Our special guest will be Dr. Larry Wissow, MD, Child Psychiatrist.

Episode 2- Mindfulness Techniques with Dr. Heather Alexander

Being a teen can be stressful. Join us as we discuss mindfulness as a way to deal with stress. Our special guest will be Dr. Heather Alexander, MD, Howard County Pediatrician. 

Episode 1- Healthy Relationships with Dr. Maria Trent

What is a healthy relationship? Join us as our special guest, Dr. Maria Trent, MD, MPH, Adolescent Medicine Specialist, helps answer this question.