Sources of Strength 


Sources of Strength is a suicide prevention project where peer leaders & adult advisors are trained to design & share Hope, Help, & Strength-based messages with other youth in the community to ultimately prevent suicide, bullying, & substance use.

In October 2019, the Howard County Health Department recruited over 50 high school students in Howard County to become Peer Leaders & advocates for mental health. The Sources of Strength program launched in November 2019. Peer Leaders & Adult Advisors participated in several hours of training in order to learn how to appropriately spread messages of hope in the community. 

Peer Leaders & Adult Advisors meet 1-2 times a month. During these meetings, these advocates participate in icebreaker activities, learn about components of mental health advocacy, & plan for implementation of positive activities & messaging in the community. 

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Student interns also continued the Teen Health Matters Podcast to talk about Sources of Strength, mental health initiatives, & other related topics! Click here to listen! 

Since launching Sources of Strength in November, Peer Leaders & Adult Advisors have been implementing a social media campaign called I Am Stronger.
This campaign allows participants & Howard County residents to become familiar with Sources of Strength & to see how others use their strengths!

Want to participate in the I Am Stronger campaign? Here’s how!
  1. Click on the I Am Stronger In image
  2. Download & print image
  3. Pick one of the 8 strengths that resonates with you
  4. Write down WHY you chose that strength
  5. Post to social media! Remember to tag @HoCoStrength on Instagram and/or Facebook!