Today is a day of celebration! As of late January 2019, condoms are now available in all  Howard County Public School System high schools! This means that free condoms can be received at school from the nurse’s office. The condoms will be given in a bag, with each bag containing 10 condoms as well as information on how to use the condoms correctly. This is a big step in helping decrease rising sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates in Howard County.


Currently, 1 in 2 sexually active teens will contract an STI. This number can decrease with free condoms being in a place where teens spend most of their day— school!

Sometimes, buying or asking for condoms can be embarrassing. If you are concerned how to get the condoms, here’s how it goes down:

  • Go to the nurse’s office and say “I would like some condoms” when the nurse asks what you need.
  • The nurse will give you the bag containing the condoms and will give any information about the condoms you may need and answer any questions you have.
  • That’s it! Your parents will NOT be notified and your name is kept confidential.
  • A student can come back and receive more condoms as they wish.

Take initiative with your health! If you need condoms, don’t be afraid to ask for some. Stay Healthy!


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