It is officially the month of May and what does that mean? Prom season! Prom is one of the highlights of high school. If you or your friends are attending prom, here are some helpful tips:

Crash Diets do not work. Eating healthy and exercise months before to see the best results.

Preparing for prom can be stressful. Between clothing, accessories, dinner, and after prom plans; prom can seem overwhelming and expensive. If you have a budget, have no fear! Make sure to go to multiple stores before deciding to buy clothes. Also, reach out to older friends or family members that may have clothes or accessories from previous proms.

Dates can add to the fun but are not required! If you do not have a date try going with a group of your close friends.

After Prom Plans are typical after the big dance. Planning ahead is key to having fun and staying safe. If you are at an after prom party with alcohol, separate yourself and contact your parents so they can pick you up.

Remember Prom can be safe and exciting! So go out and enjoy yourself- and take LOTS of pictures! 🙂

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