The holidays can be filled with lots of fun, hanging out with family, friends, eating all kinds of goodies; but it can also be hectic!  Below are some tips to help you stay healthy so that you can enjoy your time with family and loved ones.


  • Only indulge on the actual holiday: All because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean your nutrition is out the window! Overall, pig out on Christmas, but on December 26, go back to your regular healthy eating.
  • Keep stress down: The holidays are a stressful time where many may cope with overeating and comfort foods. Stay inside and watch a holiday classic to unwind, stay active by ice-skating or building a snowman, or even meditate (taking a few deep breaths in and out can help you refocus and calm your mind from all the busyness).
  • Remember: The holidays are not only about gingerbread cookies- they are for family and telling others how much they mean to you. There are so many people who help us throughout the year and we often neglect saying thank you. Create some thank you cards in your free time instead of boredom eating!
  • Get your rest: You may be tempted to stay up late since school is out, but getting the recommended amount of sleep (8-9 hours a night) will keep you well rested to enjoy your long holiday break. It will also make the transition of going back to school MUCH easier.
  • Stay Healthy: This is the time of year when family and friendly come together to share more than love- and by that, I mean germs that can cause cold and flu! Protect yourself by washing your hands, getting a flu shot, covering your cough with a tissue, and staying home if you’re not feeling well.

 Wishing all a happy and healthy holiday season!

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