If you think your hair or nails may need some extra help, try adding these foods into your daily routine!

  1. Nuts: Walnuts, peanuts and almonds have healthy fats food5essential to skin quality. They are a nutritious snack any time of day.
  2. Egg: With lots of biotin, eggs are great protein source to help with hair growth.
  3. Red and yellow bell peppers: These contain tons of antioxidant Vitamin C which helps build and heal healthy skin.


Ways to add these foods to meals and snacks:food4

  • Snack on a handful of your favorite nuts or add them to your salad. Spread some almond butter on a piece of whole wheat toast and a side of fruit for breakfast.
  • Switch things up-make scrambled eggs for dinner! Add cut up bell peppers or any veggies in the fridge for extra nutrition or dip bell peppers in hummus for a delicious and skin rejuvenating snack.
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