How to Balance School, Social Life, and Extracurriculars

The school year is slowly winding down and there’s lots happening- spring sports, prepping for finals, prom, and graduation! With all that’s going on, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed! Are you having trouble balancing school, extracurricular activities, and your social life? Here are some helpful tips on how to manage your time usefully and efficiently:

  • Make a time schedule to manage your activities
  • Prioritize your workload and activities. Some things are more important. You can’t do everything, so if you don’t have time for everything, remove some items from your schedule or do them laterto-do
  • Don’t procrastinate! This is a tough one, but it saves plenty of time. Wasting time thinking about how much work you have is not going to get your work done. Just do it.
  • ahhhDon’t stress yourself out! Make sure you have time for yourself, such as breaks or even social activities
  • Focus! Don’t get distracted or waste time when you need to do your homework and when you have a busy schedule. If you run out of brainpower grab a quick snack and a take short break. Do some jumping jacks if you have to to jog your brain


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